Poole Harbour Canoe Club is a Charitable Incorporated Organisation -  Registration # 1152531


                                                                      The “Really Simple” Step-by-step guide to joining PHCC


Our club uses an ‘on-line’ payment system to make joining easy and to allow the club to collect some basic details from those wanting to join.   To join you will need to register on “Webcollect”  


If you’re really ‘new’ & want to try before you join then please see the New Members Paddle Session info page ( & check “ What Can I Do ? ” )


All prices are on the Webcollect page whether you want to join as  a Junior, Senior or Family member.

New members

1.      So to join - first of all go to Webcollect   -   Register as a new user  -   Add a subscription membership to your                                                                                                                                                                          shopping basket.

2.      Fill in the personal details for yourself and any family members who are joining too.

                                  Please enter date of birth and contact phone numbers as we need these details.

3.      Go to the “Checkout”  -  then follow the instructions telling you how you could pay.

*      If you chose to pay by ‘bank transfer’ you will be given the club’s bank account details so that you can arrange an           online transfer.

*      Alternatively you could choose to pay by Paypal - and that’s probably the easiest way to make the payment.

Existing members ( Renewals )

1.      Please go to Webcollect              Log in to your account              Click on the ‘renew subscription’ option

2.      Checkout and receive the confirmation email

3.      Pay the subscription by one of the methods outlined above               

      Re Standing orders – We are not accepting standing order forms.  If you have one already set up from previous years then  please cancel

      this arrangement with your bank and check that the money doesn’t actually go out of your bank account at the appointed time!


If you have any questions please email the membership secretary

using the details on the ‘Contact’ page.

Perhaps the first page of the ‘Joining’ section has already convinced you what a great group of kayakers and canoeists you would be joining … but maybe you would still like to see how easy you would find the first few sessions after joining the club.  If you’re convinced then join using the step-by-step’ below - if not convinced yet then visit the “ What Could I Do ? “ page

Join What Could I Do ?

To see how  the club is structured and how you could perhaps easily fit in see >>  What Could I do

The idea of introducing new members to the club through the new paddlers session has worked well in that everyone starts to get to know faces quite quickly - not only a few from the club but also other new members who might be at the same learning stage.

Coming along to the “Wednesday Clubnight”  sessions and joining in with the novice group is probably the most usual way new paddlers choose to start to extend, or improve their skills - whilst  new members who have some paddling experience and are above the “Discover” (“One-Star”) standard move to joining in with the medium paddles - (that are held on clubnights) almost straight away.

Other members have started their paddling with the club by joining in the “First Saturday” paddle [usually a route within the harbour and starting from Lake Pier]

( emails with details go out to members a few days before and a post also goes into the

Whats On’ facebook page

*  The club asks that a minimum of the “Discover” (‘One Star’) ability level has been achieved

to join in with these. *

The “Second Sunday” paddle, the “Third Saturday” and the “Fourth Sunday” are other regulars - but other impromptu paddles are occurring all the time … as well as members asking if others are able to join in with their own planned paddles.  

The club’s Facebook page is good for checking these opportunities out.


Now have a quick look at the  “ What Could I Do ? “ Page

……and perhaps then the Step-by-Step Joining page .