Poole Harbour Canoe Club is a Charitable Incorporated Organisation -  Registration # 1152531

With several members having recently shown an interest in the photo competition it's probably useful to mention a few guidelines -aka “The Rules”.

> Firstly you need to ask to take part if you're a member - just go the Facebook page for "PHCC Photo Competition" and submit a join - request.

> Photos should be of interest to other paddlers and so this isn't a purists 'photographic' competition.

> The photos should be your own and submitted by you, 'the photographer.' - that way we are in no doubt over permission and no doubt about where the prize should go.

> The number of 'likes' a photo gets during the month usually determines the winner - but in the event of a tie - we may look at the likes as a percentage of the people who the fb figures show have seen the posting.

> A prize is usually a bottle of wine, chocolates or occasionally a special prize offered by a local business or individual.


☆   Previous major prizes have been equipment given by Simon at South Coast Canoes .....and … Bournemouth Canoes gave a spray deck as the prize.   Chris Hurlock at Harbour Challenge also gave  a 90 minute Rib-ride for 4 people/


> Although entries close at the end of each month - and open immediately for the following month..The voting goes on for another 7 days to allow late entries the chance of catching up.

So get joining in - get photographing - get posting - get liking - and get to eat the chocs or drink the wine...or even win the special prizes - all for simply posting a pic!

Check out the Facebook page >>   ttps://www.facebook.com/groups/1083902641635184/

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