Poole Harbour Canoe Club is a Charitable Incorporated Organisation -  Registration # 1152531

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Over the last couple of years PHCC has been working with Dreamboats, with Wimborne Council and with the East Dorset District Council to compliment the newly developed facilities of Riverside Park (BH21 1QU)

Training in racing boats takes place on Wednesday during the Summer months (from 18.30) and on Saturday mornings (from 9.00 to 11.00) with the Saturday sessions continuing throughout the year.  

It is advisable to contact the organisers (see the contacts tab) to check details and to make sure the session is running.  The club is looking to give members the opportunity of trying out K1 and other boats and can arrange - with prior knowledge - that suitable equipment is available to try.


Over the years Poole Harbour Canoe Club has had success in several disciplines. The club is historically strong in endurance events like the yearly Devizes to Westminster 125-mile marathon. PHCC members compete most years and have completed the DW in most classes.


The club also competes in the national series of marathon races and hosts its own Poole Harbour race in the autmun.


To prepare for these events, specific training for technique and building of the endurance capacity necessary for distance paddling is required. The Stour between the Dreamboats landing stage & Canford School has become the preferred site for this section of the club. The river is usually quite slow & the section fairly straight.


The club has a fleet of specialist canoe polo boats that are currently kept at Ferndown. Canoe polo is one of the fastest growing sports in the country and we're hoping to be a part of that.  We hope to develop a league in the South and work towards inter-club competition fixtures.  Currently there is a fun-polo session as a part of the monthly pool-session at Ferndown and during the winter months this continues. This will also be based at the Wimborne Riverside site.


Contact > Jenni Dennett or

Andy Coomes for more information.


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